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"Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all   the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand..."   Joel 2:1




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And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee (Abraham) shall all families of the earth be blessed. Gen 12:3

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_________________ thee (Abraham) shall all families of the earth be blessed. -  Gen 12:3



Let Us Begin


The state of Israel, founded in 1948, has become one of the world's most advanced nations.  Home to one of the most diversified modern economies in the world, Israel is a global leader in software development, medical research, political policy, arts and humanities, tourism, and international relations.  Israel's contributions to all aspects of human endeavor embody a philosophy of perseverance, faith and a commitment to leading by example.  Nothing is so powerful as the TRUTH!  Jesus, more than anyone else in all of existence, proved that conclusively!  Let us look at factual truths from the Bible and from history past and present...  May you be as fascinated and intrigued as I have been...  God Bless You, Dear Reader!    ls



Israel's Beginings!


God, the Creator, looking for a man to fuse Himself to in order to forge a relationship with His Creation became involved, entangled with a heathen pagan—Abram was a Chaldean.

Abram and his family had worshipped idols in total idolatry, but God drew near to him   and a change began. This change continued as God became more involved with Abram until finally God changed his name to Abraham. 

Let us look at what the Creator Himself said to a man—to an individual in whom He Himself, the Creator, began to trust and draw near to.  Amazing!


Genesis 12:2

I will make of thee a great nation, (A PROMISE!)

And I will bless thee (A PROMISE!)

And make thy name great (A PROMISE!)

And thou shalt be a blessing (A PROMISE!)


         Here we can see the great determination of God toward a man and all of his unborn posterity. Because God said to Abraham:

And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee. And in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

          It is the most enduring and astounding promise that you will read in the Scriptures. God Himself made those promises to one man—to all future generations through that man and through his posterity. Those that bless you, Abram, I will bless, and those that curse you, I will curse. God’s Word is true!



          Frederick the Great asked a court chaplain during the 18th century, “What one word is proof that the Bible is inspired?” The chaplain looked back at Frederick the Great and he replied, “The Jew, your Majesty.”

Mark Twain said, “All things are mortal but the Jew. All other forces pass but he remains.”



Lord Beaconsfield said, “The attempt to extirpate (annihilate or destroy) the Jews has been made under the most favorable auspices and on the largest scale and for the longest period of time. Egyptian Pharaohs, Assyrian kings, Roman emperors, Scandinavian crusaders, Gothic princes and holy inquisitors have alike devoted their energies to the fulfillment of this common purpose: annihilation, exile, captivity, confiscation and massacre on the most extensive scale have been tried in vain. The Jew however, remains.”

If a dog bites a man, not much is said, but if a man bites a dog, it will make  headlines. If a man catches a fish nothing is thought about it. It is an every day common occurrence and has gone on for millennia. But if a fish catches a man and the man lives to tell about it, like Jonah, it is recorded forever.

It is not news if a dry bush in a desert catches fire and is consumed but it is news if a bush catches fire and is not destroyed. The Jews are the burning bush of the world but they are never destroyed. They have never been consumed.  And they never will be...

At Masada in 73 A.D. over 900 men, women and children committed mass suicide rather than lose their freedom.

The Jews have been disobedient but preserved, cast out but redeemed, reluctant but testifying to God’s power.

Consider something from ancient history. Egypt put the twelve tribes in bondage. The Assyrian empire took them captive as did the Babylonian empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Greek empire, the Roman Empire. They have been imprisoned, in bondage by the hands of these various, ancient, historical empires. They have conquered and scattered the Jews everywhere. But what has happened to all of those nations who have dared to touch a Jew either individually or as a whole?

From more present history, consider this: The Jews were either annihilated in or expelled from England in 1272; France in 1306; Spain in 1492; Russia in 1917; Germany in 1944; yet the Jew and his land remain a powerful influence in the Middle East today.

Where is Hitler and his Third Reich that was supposed to last for a thousand years? It lasted less than a decade.

In 1948 a tiny nation, only hours old fought for its life and won against six much larger neighbors... Israel was outnumbered forty to one! Yet in a matter of hours they wiped out the entire Egyptian air force and the Arabs were quoted on more than one occasion, “We do not mind fighting the Jews, but there is a white light that hovers above their armies and it strikes fear in us and takes the fight out of us.”


  How can this be?  What explanation can be given?  We look to the Bible itself:  Because  it is written in the words of King David:   “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him.”   there is nothing that can be done against the Word of God - no matter how great the empire, how numerous the enemy - all crumbles in devastation and destruction by HIS WORD ALONE!

Russia is persecuting her Jews today. What is going to happen to Russia in the future? Read in Ezekiel chapters thirty-seven, thirty-eight and thirty-nine. The most descriptive devastation is planned and has been planned for millennia by God who by foreknowledge  knew that eventually they would touch the apple of His eye.

The preservation of the Jews to this hour is a miracle of God, His Bible and history.



 The number of eminent Jews in the world is and always has been out of all proportion to their population. All of us, no matter what our background, or our descent is, all of us are eternally indebted to the Jews. All of us!

It was Jewish money that financed Christopher Columbus and made possible discovery of this country, the United States of America. Please note that all of the statements herein stated are documented.

It was Jewish money that carried through the revolutionary war. Chaim Solomon was the Jewish broker who almost single-handedly carried Jefferson, Monroe and Madison through the days of financial difficulties bringing America to total victory.

The number of Jews receiving noble prizes is astounding. There are twenty-one of them in total. It is interesting to note some of them:


A Jew whose name was Waksman discovered streptomycin used to destroy tuberculosis and many other diseases.

Dr. Joseph Goldberger is the discoverer of the prevention and cure of pellagra—a disease that in the south killed 7,000 and crippled 250,000 people yearly. Dr. Goldberger injected himself with the discharges of the dying people thus making himself an human guinea pig and by so-doing was able to discover a cure for this particular disease. A Jew made that contribution to humanity.

Poliomyelitis, in the beginning of the 1950’s was considered the most fearful killer and crippler of children and because of this was called infantile paralysis. I can remember as a child growing up on a farm in Iowa. My parents were paranoid that my sister and I would go down to the place where they watered the cattle and get into that water. Because in those days they were not sure how one contacted this particular disease and we were threatened almost with our lives if we were caught swimming around or playing in that water. They did not know how it was contracted but it seemed to attack children and there was no cure for it.

Dr. Jonas E. Salk, a Jew, brought into being the Salk vaccine. The doctors of all America wanted him to receive at least one dollar for each child inoculated but Dr. Jonas Salk, a Jew, would accept no financial remuneration. He could have received millions of dollars. He received nothing. Today this crippling disease is hardly remembered.



The next statistics were recorded in a Florida newspaper after WW II

This article said: “A Nazi who has syphilis, must not allow himself to be cured by Salverson because it is the discovery of the Jew, Ehrlich. He must not even take steps to find out if he has syphilis, because the Wassermann reaction used for the purpose is the discovery of a Jew.

If he has heart disease, a Nazi must not use digitalis, which was developed by a Jew whose name was Ludwig Trabo.

If he has a toothache, he must not use cocaine for he will be benefiting from the work of a Jew, Solomon Stricker.

Typhus must not be treated, for he will have to benefit from the discoveries of a Jew or Jews Wygo and Weil.

If he has diabetes he must not use insulin because of the research work of a Jew whose name was Menchosky.

If he has a headache he must not use and he must shun pyrimidine and antipyrine discovered by two Jews whose names were Syro and Elog.

Anti-Semites who have convulsions must put up with them for it was a Jew, Oskolebreich  who thought of using chloral hydrate.

This is true for the physic ailments of the entire world since the Jew Freud is the father of psychoanalysis. 

No ethic group, culture or civilization has made so many contributions for the cause of mankind as have the Jews. Whether you go to music, literature, medicine, science, art, humanities, physics or entertainment, you will find Jews in the top, in the leadership of all of these fields making the greatest  contributions to these fields.

Because there was a God Who fused himself in ancient days to a man who became the Father of the Faithful—a rare kind of religion that dropped all of the many gods and came into monotheism. God told Abram, if you will worship me and if you will teach your children that there is only one God and that I am that God, then all of these blessings shall come upon you and none of the curses shall be upon you and through your people all the nations of the earth will be blessed and all the families of the earth will be blessed. What an incredible, astronomical promise!

What a tremendous contribution has been made because one man, Abram, dared to leave idols and follow after a God that he could neither see nor touch as we do, yet the promises of God are yea and amen.



What God has promised, He will fulfill!

His Word is sure!

 None can stand against Him nor His promises!



In view of all of this, it is any wonder that a great British statesman, an educator said in 1939, “The lights of Europe are going out one by one—the lights of culture, learning and human kindness. They are going out because of the deified monster, Hitler, who is swallowing them—the Jews, one by one.”

Petroleum, that lovely product that Arabs find themselves sitting upon, was discovered, not by an Arab or even a Texan, but by a Jew. Abraham Shreiner, who lived between 1820 and 1900 was the first man to discover petroleum and its potential use.

Furthermore, Italians should realize that their beloved pizza was derived from a very Jewish ingredient, matzo. More than two thousand years ago Roman soldiers added olive oil and cheese to matzos.

Mussolini’s dentist was a Jew.

Jews befriended Hitler in the early days of his artistic career. It was Jews who bought his worthless, miserable paintings. 

It was a Jewish doctor that cared for Hitler’s mother who died of cancer. Hitler and his sisters made a trip to this Jewish doctor to thank him personally for his care and extended care of their suffering mother.

Hitler’s cook was a Jew and he would not have any other kind.

Hitler himself looked very Jewish. The long black coats he wore were very reminiscent of the Chasidic culture that came out of those particular years and centuries. And the thing that Hitler feared the most was that Jewish blood would be found in his ancestry. We are almost certain at this time that Hitler’s grandfather was indeed Jewish!

Jews lived in Germany before the Germans did. Jews have served as the leaders of nine non-Jewish nations.

These statements and authentic findings from history are absolutely incredible in view of the Scriptures which  many read over or cast out as meaningless and 'not for our day'. Yet there is a God in heaven who does remember His promises and commitments and Who is faithful to His people for all time.

A Jew once owned one fourth of Russia’s railroads.

The oldest stone house in England was originally used as a Synagogue.

The organ, which is played often in our services, was used in the temple of old. Early Christians were reluctant to use an organ in their worship services because it sounded too Jewish.

All the writers of the New Testament were Jewish except Luke.

Mohammed, the father of Islam, at one point called himself a Jewish prophet.

Three of the four greatest thinkers dominating the twentieth century were Jewish. One of them was Einstein. Einstein built his momentous theories on backgrounds of Judaism. Einstein said, “The most beautiful thing that we can experience is the mysterious. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe is as good as dead.” Einstein was tremendously influenced by his Judaism and by his ancestry as a Jew.

A Jew invented the telephone and exhibited it publicly fifteen years before Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention.

Almost two hundred years before Columbus, a Rabbi wrote that the world was round.

Orville and Wilber Wright were influenced in the invention of the airplane by a Jew who had already made two thousand controlled glider flights.

The first American scientist ever awarded the noble prize was a Jew.

The first planet discovered since prehistoric times was found by a Jew who was a musician by profession.

Atomic research is almost exclusively carried out and is the work of Jews.

Hitler’s anti-Semitism refused Einstein citizenship in Germany and Einstein was driven out.




There is a place in Jerusalem, Israel called Yad Va Shem  which means Mount of Remembrance. After the WW11 when the Jews became a nation in the world, the government of Israel went to Europe and dug up all the bones of their people that had been destroyed in concentration camps and dug all the ashes out of the bottoms of various lakes and brought them by air to Jerusalem, Israel. These Jewish remains  were buried on one of the mountains of Zion.  Over the mass grave a black slate pavement was laid, out of which burns an eternal flame. A beautiful structural monument was built over it and to this museum one can come.

 Rabbis in Jerusalem performed upon and over those ashes and bones a  full Jewish ceremonial burial. There is a museum that one walks through before you get to the mass grave. That particular museum is one of the most traumatic places that I have ever walked through because from ceiling to floor it is black and white photographs of the heinous, animalistic suffering imposed upon the the descendants of Abraham who believe in one God by literally a deified monster whose name was Hitler.

A Nazi soldiers can be viewed holding his aiming gun at the back of the head of a father holding his little son over his shoulder as they stand on the edge of a pit to drop into it once a Nazi bullet has pierced the skulls of both. The kind of pictures that are there will cause one to weep and cry. Many people will find a place in the shadows of that museum and weep softly. You can hear them weeping as you walk through.

One Jewish woman going through this museum, never knowing what had happened to her mother and her sister, suddenly began to scream as she looked at one of those gigantic black and white photographs. There was her mother and her sister standing in front of those Nazi guards. These happenings are some of the most sobering things you will ever view or understand.

But God has said, “Those that bless you, I will bless and those that curse you, I will curse.” In the Yadvashem museum  there is an actual letter signed by Adolph Hitler refusing Albert, Einstein—one of the most brilliant minds of our particular era in time—citizenship in Germany because he was a Jew and forced him to leave.

But America took him in. “Those that bless you, I will bless and those that curse you, I will curse.” Thus into the hands of the American people came the mathmatical formulas of relativity and general relativity,  the product of one of the greatest Jewish minds that has ever lived. Into American hands then came the formula for the splitting of the atom. Into the hands of the United States of America came the atomic bomb.

If Germany had blessed the Jews, they would have ended up with the atomic bomb and they would have been the super power of the world but because they cursed a Jew, God cursed them and their future posterity exactly as it is written and promised to Abraham!   Into the hands of  America came the blessings of the God of Abraham... e we have benefited from the discoveries of a Jewish mind!

America ended up with the formula for relativity and general relativity; hence, we have the atomic bomb. If Germany had blessed the Jews, they would today be a super power.

God said, “Those that bless you, I will bless and those that curse you, I will curse.” Whether you understand this or whether you do not,  as Apostolic Bible Believers,  the promise God made to Abraham is also valid for those of us. Those that bless us, God will bless. The neighbors that you live among that are good to you; God will be good to them. But those that give you difficulty, the hand of God will be against them. God Himself will fight for us. For those that bless you, I will bless and those that curse you, I will curse. Your relatives that curse you, God will curse them in the end result if they do not come to the TRUTH and serve the Lord. I have watched this blessing and cursing for years!



The power of God is literally upon us. Even Uncle Sam has Jewish blood in his veins. The name Sam is short for Samuel, one of the names of Israel’s greatest prophets.

Though Americans have seen waves of Jewish immigrants since our beginning, the Jew has never brought infectious diseases into this country with him. To me, that is staggering.

Most of the disease epidemics  and their sieges that sweep across this country come into our country from foreigners who bring them with them from foreign soil. But a Jew has never brought anything into this country.

Beyond any other nationality the Jew in America cares for it’s own and needy. There are practically no American born Jewish poor. They take care of themselves and ask us for nothing.

When I was a Bible college student at Apostolic Bible Institute, I worked as a receptionist for a Chiropractor and helped him with the patients. I wanted to be a Chiropractor before I got into Pentecostalism. So I know a great deal about it and I was there helping.  At break time or during relaxed patient visits I would go into a  corner store close to the office  There were two older Polish Jews who were operating the store. During my visits we struck up a friendship and I asked them, “How is it at your age, you have started a business like this? How is it that you got into this country? How did you get this business in your hands?”

They said, “We have just arrived.” And their English was very broken.

I said, “Well, how did you set up business?”

They said, “It was very simple. There is a Jewish fund. When any Jew that is destitute comes into this country, out of this Jewish fund, funds are taken to set them up in business and they are given a business and from the profits of the business, ten percent of that money is returned back into the Jewish fund for life. Out of that fund we are always able to care for our own people.” There is not a gentile in the world that does such a thing. To me it is most commendable!!



Reflecting back again upon the Yad Va Shem—the memorial mentioned above, Israel did something that I don’t think anyone else but the Jews would do. They went to Europe and searched and found all of the gentiles, all of the Europeans that had hid Jewish children and adults in their basements or put in blind walls and hid whole families behind the walls. They would crawl out at night and would  be fed—every gentile that the Jewish government could find in Europe  that had helped or befriended the Jew or a Jewish family—the nation of Israel invited those gentiles to come to Jerusalem and they planted a tree along the walkway of the Yad Va Shem and it is called the Way of the Righteous  -  (righteous gentiles). Israel classified these gentiles RIGHTEOUS because they saved  Jewish lives. AN INVITATION WAS GIVEN:   “As many of you as want to stay in our land, our government will give you a life pension for saving Jewish lives. There are thirty gentiles living in Israel for life with a pension from the Israeli government because they saved Jewish lives.  The Israelis in recent years has insisted that those living on the life time government pension, that that pension pay be increased...  Amazing, incredible - is it not?

The United States has offered the Jewish people one of their longest periods of religious and civil freedom. America owes much of her essence to her pervasive Jewish connection. America can boast that there has never been an official expulsion of Jews from this country. There has never been an official ghetto set up for Jews in this country. No major European country can say the same thing. Not one of them!    And we see the results of their cursing the descendants of Abraham - Remember, it is written:  God is not mocked!



Is it just coincidence that while America has flowered these past three hundred years, Europe has withered. Think about it. I have traveled to Europe. They are behind us in so many ways

. I feel that God has spoken to me. A threat to Jewish existence is often turned back upon those who posed it. There is revival in America, there is revival in Canada, there is revival in Mexico, there is revival in South America, there is revival in the Islands of the Sea, there is revival in Thailand, there is revival in India, there is revival in China, and there is revival in Russia! There is revival in every country and nation in the world but in Europe Revival is very small, if at all, compared to the rest of the world!.

 There is no revival in Europe and I believe that the reason that there is no revival in Europe is because Europe plotted and worked together to annihilate the posterity of Abraham! God said in His Word, “Those that bless you I will bless, and those that curse you, I will curse.” And the pseudo Christian element in Europe has begun to think the way I am thinking. The German Christian denominational leaders got together and said, “We believe that the reason that there is no revival here is because what Germany did to the Jewish people.” And so they set aside a day  inviting all of the religious leaders of Europe to come together—Jewish Rabbis, Catholic Priests, Protestants -  a day for an all day repentance. These Christian leaders walked through the streets of the city asking God to forgive them as a nation for what they had done to the Jews.

While we live for God or do not live for God, while we are uninformed or disinterested, there are some things taking place today that absolutely set my soul on fire! In the last days saith God, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.” Some amazing things are happening in our day. We are beginning to feel the vibrations and the reverberations of the move of God in this land—in this world—in this country. It can be felt by the discerning one...



Throughout Jewish history, the Presidents of the United States have been uniformly warm to the Jews. John Adams, the second president of the United States wrote, “I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation.”

Zionism has been endorsed by every president since Woodrow Wilson. Harry Truman had the United States recognize Israel as a nation eleven minutes after her declaration of independence against the wishes of the senate and the congress.

If you enjoy the Labor Day weekend holiday, you can thank a Jew, Samuel Gompers. In 1894 he finally succeeded in getting congress to make the first Monday in September a legal holiday to honor the workingman.

If you enjoy daylight savings time, you can thank a Jew whose name was Marcus Marks.

Levi Strauss invented and designed the rugged pants for California gold miners in 1850—today known simply as Levis an all-American kind of clothing.

Many of America’s best-loved songs are written by Jews—White Christmas, Easter Parade, Oklahoma Suwannee and America’s second national anthem, God Bless America, were all written by Jews.

The first department stores were the results of Jewish minds and engineering—Sears Roebuck & Co.

In the movie industry, Cecil B. Demille, who was a Jew, produced the movie The Ten Commandments. More people have seen the movie The Ten Commandments than any movie that has ever been made in motion picture history and it grossed 43 million dollars.

Fiddler on the Roof, a Broadway play—the longest running Broadway play in history, grossed 35.5 million dollars.

A survey asking Americans to name the men and women they most admired showed Jews at the tops of both lists! Henry Kissinger and Golda Meir.

Until a Jewish doctor showed us differently, Americans believed tomatoes were poisonous.

During the civil war both the Union and the Confederacy appointed Jewish doctors to head their medical departments because the Jewish doctors were the best doctors.

The doctor hailed as the father of pediatrics was a Jew.

A Jewish surgeon performed the first successful operation for appendicitis.

A Polish Jew, who pioneered a new field of medical research, gave us a word, now common in our every day language—vitamins.

A Jewish woman founded America’s system of public school nursing. Another Jewish woman is responsible for city playgrounds for our children.

Dr. David DeLeon had the idea for the American drugstore.

Truman read the Bible twice before he went to grammar school and when he was sworn in as President of the United States he kissed the good Book.

A Jew can also be found in the early history of the automobile. In fact, until the 1960’s historians believed that gasoline driven engines were invented by a Jew.  German born Siegfried Marcus was said to have patented a motorcar empowered by an internal combustible engine that drove at four or five miles per hour. That vehicle is in perfect running condition today and was the invention of a Jew—not Henry Ford.

Atomic energy, flight, broadcasting, recordings, communication, transportation—each is an integral part of the modern age and incredibly each has been brought about by the help and influence of Jews.

We are relatively certain that Christopher Columbus was Jewish. Thus America was a Jewish discovery. The first person out of Columbus’ ship and envoy of ships was a Jew. A Jew was the first to set foot in America. The first people to live in New Amsterdam, which is now New York City, were Jews.



The Bible is a Jewish book and has been translated into over 1,000 languages. The first book of importance in America was the book of Psalms, which is now so rare that it has brought over $151,000 at a public auction.

One Bible group, namely the American Bible Society has distributed over nine hundred million Bibles—Jewish books!

The majority of all the books that have ever been published has been Bibles and has been the top best seller of all books published including the cookbook!

The Bible with its message of monotheism, or one God believing, is the great contribution of the Jews to the world.

The Bible, a product of Judaism has become the property of all people—the Jews themselves being called the people of the Book.

Abraham Lincoln had a Jewish chiropodist who carried out secret peace negotiations with the Confederacy.

The Hebrew language was considered so important in early America that three major universities used it on their seals.

The Statue of Liberty would have not been completed if it had not been for Jews. It sat in boxes in parts and pieces on the docks in New York City for years. It was Jews that began fund raising to erect this statue and when it was erected on the base of the statue there is a poem written and in part it says, “Huddled masses yearning to breath free,” which was written by Emma Lazarus, a Jewish woman.

One year after Truman had recognized Israel as a nation, the chief rabbi of Israel visited President Truman in the United States and said to him, “God put you in your mother’s womb so that you could be the instrument to bring about the rebirth of the State of Israel.  Truman wept when he heard that.



The skeptics may argue that there is no divine force in the world but all the efforts of philosophers and religious leaders throughout recorded time have been an attempt to explain life, man’s destiny and God’s way with him here on earth. And yet the Bible tells us that there is one supreme Being and a group of people called Hebrews or Jews to teach the world about the Ten Commandments and Hear Oh Israel the LORD our God is OneONE GOD.

In our research we have only scratched the surface of the Jewish connection. We have hardly begun...  Behind everything that has ever been good and/or contributed to the cause of  life and humanity, back of it somewhere in the shadows or in  the light stands a Jew.

Thousands of years ago, God entered into a covenant relationship with Abraham and his family saying, if you will do such and such, I will do so and so, if you will walk with Me, I will teach you that I am the only true God and I will bless you and your children and beyond that all of the families of the earth will be blessed  -  those that bless you I will bless and those that curse you I will curse.

God in His unfathomable desire to not be alone in eternity, thought until He thought, I'll make me a world, a universe, galaxies...  but He was lonely still...     I'll make me a man and out of the clay, out of the dust of the earth God fashioned  a lump of clay into His own image because Adam was really the like figure of Him that was to come. God without form and without body, saw Himself as Jesus Christ and used it as a model across the vast expanse of time fashioning out of clay what He Himself wanted to become. Bending low over it, He breathed into this lump of clay the breath of life and man became a living soul.  Man is God kind!  He is not fish kind, animal kind, nor foul kind.  He is GOD KIND.  No other living creature can boast such a thing, only man, for he alone was made, fashioned, and formed in the image and likeness of God...

But God being lonely did not want Adam being lonely. He made a woman for Adam out of his own rib, out of his own heart and God came and walked with them and talked with them. God gave man kind, unlike the beasts of the field,  a will. Man is sovereign.  -  he does not operate by instincts - he has the power of choice!

The glory of it all is that each we chooses to live for Him—not because He makes us but because we want to   -   we serve Him of our own volition—of our own free will we have chosen to worship this way. We have chosen to live this way.

It must be a tormenting  thing for the devil to watch us day-by-day, week after week, month after month, year after year,  choosing this way when we could throw our lives to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. But we have said NO to all of that and with great hope and strength of purpose we Live For the Lord!  In spite of  obstacles and battles we  know that as God delivered and rescued others, He can make obstacles seats for angels!  The stone that the women could not roll away at the Resurrection, had already been rolled away by the Angel of the Lord.  When the women arrived at the open tomb, the stone had already been rolled away and was in a place by itself.   An Angel of the Lord was seated upon the stone...  God can take obstacles and make them SEATS FOR ANGELS!  AMEN!!!  &  AMEN!!!    He can do anything, everything,  all things. HE REALLY CAN!

God worked with Adam and Eve and then there was Seth, and there was Enoch... Enoch got closer to heaven than he was to the earth and God translated  him . But God was not content with just those there under the Old Covenant, but He wanted you and He wanted me in the future so He kept on working with humanity—there was Noah and his family and finally there was Abram whose name was changed to Abraham—Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, the Prophets and the Kings.



But finally the greatest Jewish connection! God—an omnipotent, omnipresent God—drew near to a Jewish virgin—God Himself overshadowed the body of a Jewish girl and wrapped around His eternal Spirit, flesh and blood—omnipotence and deity fused  itself with human frailty and from that Jewish womb came:












When the fullness of time had come,  God did not become a German, an Englishman, an Italian, a Frenchman, a Russian, etc.,    HE BECAME A JEW - because His Covenant was with Abraham, the father of the Hebrew Children, the Jewish people of our day.



When you worship Jesus, you are worshipping a Jew! He became a Jew. God Himself became a Jew, a lover and believer of   HEAR OH ISRAEL, THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE! And we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!




How can one call oneself a Christian and love not the Jewish people, their Land, their destiny?




And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee. And in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.




No individual, no conglomerate, no nation, race, creed, or powers present, past, or future will ever change the eternal Word of God and His Promises.  Futility and destruction will surely come upon all who try...

Be it known here today that  no one ever breaks the Laws of God.  No one ever has.  Rather man breaks himself upon the Laws of God. 

That is why Jesus said,  "If you fall upon Me, you will be broken, but if I fall upon you, you will be ground to powder... 

Historical records available to all who would care to read, confirm this to be so...





Bibliography and Source Materials:

The Bible

The Jewish Connection  by M. Hirsh Goldberg;   Published in USA and Canada 1976 and 1977;    ISBN  0-553-10870-0

More to be added as statements are printed herein...



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