World War 11




The following two photographs are most famous from World War 2 because of their impact in viewing and the message conveyed by the scene.


The photo below is of Dawid Rubinowicz, a 14 year old Polish Jewish boy who was murdered by the Nazis.  His fear and innocence in the face of brutality unequaled in human history, has cast a shadow of guilt and shame upon all future generations.


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Dawid's story is one of many.  Over one and a half million Jewish children were murdered by the Nazis during World War 2.  Near the end, the Nazis did not even bother to gas them first; they were thrown alive into the ovens.  One of the questions Eichman was asked at the war trial in Jerusalem was, "How did you know  they were dead when you threw them into the furnaces?"  Eichman replied with a smile, "When they stopped screaming..."

Dawid was 14 years old when he and his family disappeared.  It is certain that he and his family met their death in the nearby Treblinka death camp.  Dawid began a diary when he was 12 years old, a copy of which I have in my possession. I purchased the copy I treasure in the Yad VaShem Memorial in Jerusalem. I am told it is out of print.   It is without doubt a most heart-wrenching experience to read it!  I have read every word...

His diary was found after the war amid the rubble the Nazis left behind in Poland.  It has become one of the most important pieces of Jewish literature in the world today.  Jewish children during this time grew only to know a thirst for peace and a hunger to survive.   Dawid's small stature reflects the starvation and malnutrition he endured at the hands of enemies who felt he had no right to exist because he was a Jew...

Title:  The Diary of Dawid Rubinowicz      ISNB: 0-938106-03-1

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