Memories From Israel...


This area of my website is dedicated to those of you who have requested these photos...   It is a pleasure to have been to the Land of Israel with outstanding groups through the years;  with some of the most life changing moves of the Spirit  falling upon us...  we will never forget...  and the bonding between the tour members has provided life-long friendships for all of us participating.   Next year in Jerusalem in our Salutation to you!!!





Communion in Garden Tomb  Jerusalem - 1998




Overlooking the Valley of Armageddon



Borrowed pulpit at Emmaus - 1988



Preaching at site of Road to Emmaus encounter with Jesus



 Caesarea Philippi




Praying at the Wailing Wall 


A chance meeting with Chaim Richman on the streets of Jerusalem in the Jewish Quarter.  We had both heard of each other...



It was a most moving experience for me to meet him!  I could not hold back the tears...  He has such an outstanding 'presence' about him...