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It Was As If The Ark Came Down Among Us!

February 5-6, 2007   -    Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Host Pastor:  Tony Tamel



A miraculous Book of Acts reality of Apostolic Christianity filled the air and atmosphere.   The tremendous crowds with hunger obvious in fervent reaching for the power of 33AD Christianity moved upon and pulled visitors into the flow of the River of Life with God's demonstration in the hands of the believers. 

God manifested Himself among, upon, and through believers powerfully.  The entire audience was an altar service with prayerful interceding and demonstration. Believers with the laying on of hands demonstrated the Power of God through His Apostolic Church present day!

The hunger of the precious people in the Wisconsin District was such that in spite of wind chill temperatures of 35 degrees below zero, the church was filled with people from everywhere.   God honors with great blessing always the sacrifice, reaching, and effort of His People to touch Him - in Biblical times AND NOW.



Eli Hernandez and District Superintendent, John Putnam seated in lower left corner of collage graphic above.   Brother Hernandez preached wonderfully and ministered in true Apostolic fashion.  It is a pleasure to work with him and his marvelous family! 

Brother Putnam along with the entire District Board with open arms received, supported, and embraced the Gifts of the Spirit and the miraculous moving of God's Spirit!  It was Spiritually and naturally refreshing!  Virtue was replaced because of it!  The Wisconsin District is in leadership to the Apostolic Ministry of these last days!


The revelation of God upon ministers urgently reaching and receiving from the Lord created such joy and excitement among those present that the worship was simply of roar of voices lifted heavenward. 

People received the Holy Ghost, were baptized in the Saving Name of Jesus, and received healings abundant as noted below:

Sister Wilbur

had an abdominal tumor, grapefruit size which simply collapsed and disappeared before our eyes.  she was marvelously healed!






The next morning,  Brother Wilbur wept openly during the board meeting praising God with thankfulness for this miracle of healing upon his wife by the Hand of the Lord. The Lord Be Praised!




People who received miracles of healing wept in the microphone with such thankfulness and excitement as they testified that it was hard to understand all of their words of praise and testimony...  The Blessings of God fell upon all who witnessed God's powerful demonstration!  To God Be the Glory!   Oh what a Savior we serve!


Great insight was given by the Spirit to Pastors and brethren alike of the reality that the supernatural could work through them.  It opened the eyes of the ministry and saints of God through the local church assemblies across the whole district that the Gifts for the Miraculous were not just for the Evangelist, but for everyone!

They got hold of the Supernatural and in so doing, the transmission of understanding that they could do it as well as the evangelist was received and embraced by all.  It was incredible actually - I have not seen anything quite like in in all the years of my ministering.  I feel like a 'success' in that this is the burden of my heart and ministry since being raised from the dead in November 2003.  To God Be the Glory!  AMEN!    

Lee Stoneking