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Singapore Camp Meeting

December 5-12, 1999


The Steve Willoughbys



Surely the presence of the Lord was in this place!

This is our third consecutive year to have the wonderfully anointed ministry of Bro. Lee Stoneking. Every year we think that it can't get better but it does!!

The "Apostolic Pentecostal's of Singapore" kicked off the meeting on Sunday, December 5 at the grand ballroom of the Oriental Hotel.  (This is in a Muslim Country.)

By the time Bro. Stoneking boarded the plane a few days later, forty four (44) names had been recorded as receiving the Holy Ghost and sixteen (16) were water baptized in Jesus Name!!

The entire meeting had a special anointing that we feel is attributed to the fact that all of our congregations came together in total unity as "The Apostolic Pentecostal's of Singapore." It is our intention to fill this city with the apostles doctrine.



The Merlion of Singapore Harbor, Singapore is known by this symbol



Out of dozens of wondrous testimonies, let me share one. Three siblings from one family have been in church for a couple of years. The mother was converted but the father a staunch Buddhist was seldom seen. About three weeks ago during a medical crisis it came to light that the father had been an opium addict for more than thirty five years. Everyday of these now grown children's life, their father had been a drug addict. They had kept this dark secret from everyone in the church. They reasoned that the problem was so chronic and hopeless why lose face about a situation of which nothing could be done.

But once brought in the open the saints rallied in prayer and seeking God for this father. Shortly after being released from the hospital the father came to church and repented. He went to the camp and on the second night of the camp received the Holy Ghost. This sixty year old plus ex-addict danced, shouted, clapped, sang with the energy of a youth.

At his baptism the next day, his son stood and told the church, "I was wrong to hide my father's sin. I hid his sin because I thought he was an impossible case. Now I know truly that with God nothing is impossible." The ropes and knots that it took the devil thirty-five years to tie, Jesus undid in a moments time.

Steve & Barbara Willoughby