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A time of renewal and refreshing - A time to redefine our direction & vision

Pastor:  Royce Andrus  -  Milford, Delaware



Some of the noteworthy miracle moments included the healing of Stacey Stanford.  She had been in a car accident some months ago that left her unable to lift her arms above her shoulders.  During the Saturday night service, she found that she was completely healed and was able to lift her arms high into the air.  It was, as she said, "A complete miracle."  An elderly lady, suffered from a severely crippling condition that affected her right hand and on Sunday morning testified that her hand was completely healed and the pain was gone.  Also, one individual testified that his wife had torn the rotary cuff in her shoulder and had suffered from severe pain because of this injury.  She was completely healed during the Saturday night service and left without any pain. 
Many individuals received the Holy Ghost and several were baptized in Jesus' Mighty Saving Name! Some testified to emotional healing - while others rejoiced in spiritual breakthroughs they had not experienced in years.  Families were restored, backsliders were refilled, and men, women, young adults, & teens found direction for the rest of their lives.



a young man from Norway testified that he had received a DVD of Brother Stoneking preaching from a missionary while attending university in Malta.

He had been in the United States for two years and was so excited to finally meet the man who had affected his life in such a powerful way.  His life was changed and his future in God brought into wonderful focus upon the meeting and in the Spirit filled services...  The Lord Be Praised!


An overwhelming spirit of unity permeated the entire atmosphere of the conference resulting in such a glorious time of worship and an overwhelming sense of the hovering presence and power of angels. There is no doubt in anyone's mind, that God stepped into the center of all that transpired during the Time of Harvest 2008 Conference... and we were all forever changed because of it! 

Also, on Friday night, there was a record breaking crowd that was estimated to number over 700 in attendance. 
Kindly submitted by Shiloh Joy Andrus