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New Home and Improvement

Taiwan, China

Missionaries:  Tom Brackens



The Brackens in Taiwan China have just purchased a home after 20 years of missionary work in that nation.  It has taken all they could get together for the down payment, closing costs, etc.  While there in February of this year, I saw their new home.  It is exactly what they need.


However,  they are in need of funds to finish the inside; building closets, racks, etc., plus they need additional furniture to complete their home.  When I told them I would try to help raise the needed funds, they wept because they did not know how they could manage.

This home will end their packing and moving every time they return to America to renew PIM support.  I do not know how they have done all of this through the years - moving and moving and moving.  In some cases they have lived in areas that were much less convenient than what they had previously.  They have simply had to live wherever they could find housing upon returning from PIM deputation.

The goal is $20,000.00 USD.  

We together (Pastors and Friends)  raised $22,000.00 and that amount has now been sent to them through their American bank account.

We exceeded our goal - TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

While with Brother Boettcher and Brother Yonts in the Chicago area over this past weekend (July 14th), Brother Yonts knew of my project for Taiwan and the Brackens in particular.  He presented it to the church on Sunday morning and in just minutes $11,000.00 was given.  This is one of the most giving churches I have ever seen in my travels.  Simply wonderful, the spirit of giving and sacrifice is so 'New Testament!'

My personal thanks again to all who have given to this worthy project.  God's Richest Blessings upon you financially and in health!


Lee Stoneking