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School of the Scriptures

Don and Melody Shepherd

April 20 - 25

Loyal friends for many years having been to Israel with me several times, graduated from my SOTS in Canada in years gone by - now Pastor in Eastlake San Diego, California area. Revival is in their midst!

Both Don and Melody were raised Jewish and have a burden for Israel and the Jewish People.

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I am excited to conduct this School of the Scriptures for them, their people, and area student participants!  Excitement and expectancy is in the air...

SOTS is a project I developed to allow people to get a basic Bible School Education without having to rearrange their lives so drastically by enrolling in school for three or more years. 

Having graduated from Apostolic Bible College in 1967 as Honor Student of the Year, I simply skimmed the cream off the top of my Bible School Education and condensed it into five major lessons. Everything is either directly or indirectly connected to one of these lessons.  When the course is finished, the student has exactly the same basic Bible education that I received from ABI.

SOTS has been conducted in Canada, Singapore, Hawaii, and places within the US.  The results and response has been most rewarding...  Hundreds of students have completed the SOTS course.  I Thank God for it!

Lee Stoneking


Shalom, Brother Stoneking 

School of The Scriptures

is a must to attend!

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It was truly life changing!  There was an awesome move of God every evening through the anointed and enriched teaching of Reverend Lee Stoneking.  Great deliverance and healing occurred throughout the congregation. Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, and Revelation came running into the Hearts and Minds of all...

                           Every night as the teaching was coming to a close, no music was ever needed to help draw anyone to the alter; the pure presence of God drew everyone and the alter became filled with deep prayer and worship. Many Backsliders returned and committed their lives to Jesus once again!
                           Truly - the impact of this School will have an effect on our lives forever! Thank you, Brother Stoneking, for Your Ministry and Burden! You have imparted this into our Lives, and we will Never Be The Same Again!

Rev Don & Melody Shephard



One visiting student received the revelation of the Holy Ghost Baptism necessity and received it so easily right during the class.  It was Powerful!

The SOTS was held in Pastor Ghiloni's church facilities.  At the close of the SOTS, Brother Ghiloni told me, "Brother Stoneking, 'This is the greatest move of God I have seen in the history of this church!"  May God Be Praised for the Power of His Word!

Shawn, guest visitor to the services and military returnee from Iraq while watching a baptism service, asked the young woman beside him, "Who is that third person dressed in white standing in the baptismal tank?"  She replied, "There are only two people in the tank."  Shawn said, "No, there is another man in the tank and he just keeps looking at me. Is he going to get baptized too?"  It was an angel...

Several months later beyond the SOTS meeting, Shawn became very ill and was hospitalized.  I was phoned and I then phoned the hospital and prayed for Shawn over the phone.  In my asking the Lord for Shawn's healing, I simply said, "Jesus please send the angel he saw in the tank to minister healing to him."  I felt the power of God so strongly - Shawn was touch mightily and released from the hospital.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Lee Stoneking