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Host Pastor:  Stan Gleason  

Date: October 26-28, 2007    Lee Summit, Missouri



Brother Gleason's Burden for Passing the Mantle of Apostolic Ministry  upon the younger generation of preachers and ministers is the most promising I have seen in all my travels to date.

His distinct quality of being the truest of Bible Christians in vision, application, and treatment of others among us is refreshing - powerfully influencing upon the Church in this hour. May the Lord be praised for this!

I have personally known Brother Gleason since he was a young teenager.  His integrity is flawlessly Christian, commendable, and coveted - his friendship is a gift from God!  I am eternally Grateful!     Lee Stoneking
















The graphic collages tell it all; albeit the total experience is to have been there as an eye witness and feel the Touch of the Master's Hand upon those who as it were:  stood in line, knelt at His feet, pressed through the crowd to touch the hem of His garment. 

To view the miraculous results in healings, deliverances, infillings, and baptisms is to walk into the Bible and meet the Master face to face in this hour of our pilgrimage here and now.  The Bible is timeless, eternal values therein, and applicable to all mankind at all times.

Lee Stoneking