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Most recently my book has arrived from the printer and is available to personally own. The story is as I remember it with contributions from doctors, ambulance driver, and friends who walked with me through my miracle of being miraculously raised from death after being clinically dead for forty five  minutes!  Oh What A Savior - Jesus truly is the Resurrection and the Life!

Such meaningful comments have come to me from those who now own    My Miracle and Living the Gospel

" I was in tears as I finished the book." 

"I could feel the Holy Ghost as I opened the book and as I read its content."

There are many such comments...  I Praise the Lord!

Lee Stoneking


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There is no doubt in my mind but that Douglas G. Hanscomb has come to the Kingdom of God for such a time as this to set the captive free...  It has already begun - TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Above all else purchase From Rome to Jerusalem - YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!  I promise as a man of God!  AMEN!

We are custodians of an endangered species, therefore we must earnestly defend the truth that was once delivered to the saints!  God help us to do so I pray...

From Rome to Jerusalem

should be in the hands of every Apostolic Believer.  This book is one of the most concise, insightful,  historically accurate and  informative books on the false church developed by man that I have ever held in my hands!!!

As you read this book, you will love Apostolic Christianity as set forth by the Apostles of Christ in 33 A.D. with a fervor to convert the world from darkness into the Light of Freedom from sin which Jesus died for.

Truth makes one free whether you want it or not - this book will make you free placing your feet on a path of understanding heretofore unknown to you.  This author has presented pure Apostolic Truth and pure Apostolic heritage which must never be lost in these closing hours of time!

My highest respect and regard for the author whom I have come to know personally!

The annals of history have been cracked open as we look into the face of the end of mortal time...  This book is a Masterpiece of scholarship, study, and experience from one who has been there...  you will blink back tears as you walk through his painful, yet thrilling steps into Light from darkness.  Oh what a Savior we serve - Jesus forever and always rescues those who hunger and thirst for His Righteousness! AMEN

Lee Stoneking..



Preaching Engagements

Author Douglas G. Hanscomb

is delighted to teach and preach the incredible contents of his book From Rome to Jerusalem in your churches and Bible Colleges!  This author is burdened to transmit the reality of our heritage as Apostolic Oneness Christians from the Book of Acts.  Accent is upon the unbelievable price and sacrifice of torture and death endured by our fellow Oneness Christians throughout the centuries.  It is staggering to really understand...

My personal friend, Brother Hanscomb, is a delight to listen to; plus the information gained from him is invaluable to the searching mind for truth and understanding.  I highly recommend him to you!  Thank You for your consideration on his behalf and my behalf as a student of Church History which I find totally revealing.  Apostolic Christianity, which we possess, can be proven both historically or Biblically whichever avenue you choose to travel.  Church History as presented by Author Hansomb opens the door of your understanding - you will embrace Truth with fervor you have not here-to-fore experienced - AMEN

To engage his services, please contact him at number below

Phone: 615-662-2263

Lee Stoneking..




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Author:  Tod Nichols

J. Todd Nichols has traveled internationally as an evangelist and conference speaker and presently serves as pastor of Greater Faith Church in New Albany, Indiana.



"As you read from these pages, your personal Transfiguration will unfold like the fragrance of a rose in the morning sunlight; inhaled by all who come upon your person...Author J Todd Nichols has woven with words a magnificent tapestry, a masterpiece, a treasure for all generations until He comes!"

Lee Stoneking


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