My Miracle and Living the Gospel By Lee Stoneking Herein is my story as I remember it!  Information was also most kindly given on return tours of duty to Australia by doctors, ambulance driver, and friends who were near me during 45 minutes of death, resurrection, and release from hospital in Sydney, Australia 2003 ALIVE IN HIM!!! I am not supposed to be alive – medical expertise has so stated.  In their words:  I was openly accused of defying all the laws of Medical Science – I did not, but I know the ONE who did!  His Name is Jesus! As you read my story, journey with me along the path of death and resurrection by the Hand of the Creator - may your faith rise to miraculous encounters within your own life’s journey – it is my heart’s desire for you – May you NEVER BE THE SAME I PRAY! Alive in Him, Lee Stoneking