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Fiji Island Boat Project





I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about my personal burden to buy a boat for our missionaries in the Fiji Islands--Richard and Margaret Carver.

The Fiji Islands are situated in a chain in the South Pacific Ocean east of Australia and above New Zealand.  Some of the islands are 35 to 40 miles apart with several much less.  There is a tremendous move of God there among the people on the main island in Suva and Nadi.   These  people are most receptive to the Gospel!

The Carvers have a Bible School in Fiji and are graduating some outstanding students who are anointed and genuinely called to preach.   I have witnessed these graduation services.  The students could be put onto these islands and the Gospel would spread rapidly.  It is a fabulous opportunity, but an airplane cannot get them into the remote areas.  A boat is the only way; and because of the reefs, an experienced captain would need to be secured to guide them through the waters.



Fiji Map



You can help raise $8000 for the purchase of this boat.  The $8000 will be doubled in  Fijian currency;   therefore, it would be sufficient for the purchase of said boat.  Anything that is given will go directly to this cause.  The moneys will be electronically transferred to the missionaries' account in Fiji.  If you would like to help buy this boat, you may mail all donations to:  Apostolic Ministries;  P O Box 2259; Malta, NY; 12020   *Designated:  Fiji Boat Project.

Thanks so much for anything that you do toward this worthy cause.  If you could see these people, it would make you want to give all you have to them.

Thank you so very much for your giving and for your prayers!

Lee Stoneking




$8000.00 has been given by the people of God to this much needed project.  WE DID IT! Thank you and God Richly Bless You for your part in this goal for the furtherance of the Gospel in the Fiji Islands.  There was great excitement on behalf of the Missionaries and the leaders of the Church in Fiji when the call was made informing them that we had reached the $8000.00 goal!!!

The funds were bank transferred to Fiji on Wednesday March 15, 2000 and now are in the hands of the Missionaries and the Church of Fiji.