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Touch The Future Crusade

Young Minister's Conference

Pastor:  James Varnum

Belleview, Florida  -  May 13 - 15



This collage depicts the love and excitement of the Varnums, the preaching, and crowd participation.  Outstanding Young Ministers Conference  -  I highly recommend this Touching The Future experience!!!


Over 200 young ministers attended this annual explosive event.  Pastor Varnum allows and requests young ministers to preach 15 minutes during the various services.  The preaching done by these young men was outstanding to say the least  -  refreshing and uplifting with anointing such as we have not heard.  Incredible what the Lord is preparing for the immediate future!

At least 15 notable miracles occurred in the Sunday concluding service.  One woman with growths on her body was miraculously healed when they suddenly disappeared during the preaching and altar service.  A back was marvelous healed with absolutely no pain left of any kind.  Heart disease was testified of as having completely disappeared.  Great faith and rejoicing was present among and from the people as Jesus proved once again that:  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

The music, choir and worship were outstanding - soul stirring...

Lee Stoneking