The Ten Commandments of God


The Ten Commandments are Supreme among the precepts of the Torah because:

1.  Of their far reaching importance...

2.  In the awe inspiring manner in which they were revealed to the whole nation of Israel...


They came with thunder and lightning, the sounding of the Shofar, flames of fire that enveloped the whole mountain, and a Majestic Voice which proclaimed the WORDS that from that day forth would be the guide of conduct for all mankind...

The giving forth of the Ten Commandments by God Himself on Mount Sinai remains the most remarkable event in the history of mankind.  It was the birth-hour of religion of the Spirit.  They would illumine the souls of men, and order the lives of men for all time.




In summary, the Ten

 Commandments are

 unequalled for their

 simplicity, they bear

 divinity upon their face,

 and cannot be antiquated

 as long as the world


They have been written

 upon the walls of

 synagogues, temples,

 and churches

 proclaiming the world's

 laws forever.  NEVER






"The Ten Commandments have never become antiquated. They were not amended nor abrogated by our Lord.  He interpreted them.  He taught men that these laws applied not only to outward acts, but that they concerned thought and motive and desire.  In harmony with these changeless laws, the moral teachings of the Bible form an infallible rule for right living"  Charles R. Erdman


Commandments one through five:  show man's duties toward God

Commandments six through ten:  show man's duties toward fellow man