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Singapore Camp Meeting


Steve & Barb Willoughby

Date:  December 6 - 10, 2004





Deep Calleth Deep Conference was attended with 73 participants from China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, United States, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Russia, Hong Kong, Sabah-Malaysia, and Australia.

Speakers attending and ministering were:  Shine Doughty; USA, Missionary  -  Tom Bracken, Taiwan;  Donna Maricellis, USA; and Lee Stoneking, USA.

The Camp Meeting Conference this year was on a level that afforded an atmosphere of operation in the gifts of the Spirit and Apostolic Power unlike anything I have seen anywhere in the world.  It took four nights to teach one session on imparting of the gifts of the Spirit and the offices of the Five-fold ministry.  Still at the end of the fourth and last night of camp meeting,  I did not get to transmit and relate powerful examples.  The Gift of Faith simply took over again as it had done night after night and the Lord did what He wanted to do.  It was overwhelming to the natural man and forever engraved upon the tissues of our memories and emotions Spiritually.  To God Be The Glory! 

In the 41 years that I have been saved and ministering, I have not experienced anything like it.  The Spirit of God was so real and penetrating into the lives of those present, that the general consensus was:   "we will never be the same."   The words of Missionary Brother Shalm will forever inspire me,  "you have created an atmosphere where I am free to minister and operate in the Spirit.  Thank you so much!"  

The offices of the Five-fold ministry were given to ministers and they received them.  Jesus simply hovered over the audience giving freely;  gifts, offices, healings, deliverance, Apostolic authority, and revelations  to those who hungered and reached into the His hovering presence.  I have not felt anything like this in all of my ministering experiences anywhere in the entire world in 41 years!.

My prayer is that I will never lose this connection to the Lord and His Ministry to the Church as long as I live or until He comes.  Nothing has ever affected me more or so deeply as this meeting.  There really are no words to adequately describe the atmosphere nor the experiences which took place among us.  It was life changing in every respect!

Lee Stoneking