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The Power of One

National Singles Conference - 2006


Pastor Terry Black and Memphis Church


Praise God!

Julie Garner

We had 602 that registered with most guessing that approximately 1200 in attendance (Friday night service).


29 US states were represented plus Canada


From denominational churches in Memphis we had 21 that registered.  This means we had 8 Baptist Churches represented (four Baptist Pastors), two - COGIC churches and one Catholic church.



Mary Ploch healed of severe asthma in Saturday night service

While Mary was doing youth camps during the week of singles conference, her asthma got so bad that she was turning blue.  They had to shut her up in the freezer about 11 times to help ease the asthma.  Mary told me that the nurses were afraid to leave her side because they knew how bad she was. 

She came home Saturday and told Dr. Clay Jackson that she was coming to the service to receive her healing.   She came to the Saturday night service of the conference and God healed her asthma.  I spoke with her on Wednesday and she told me that she hasn't taken any more medication and hasn't had any more effects of asthma!!  Praise God!!     Julie Garner



Many received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Water baptisms in the Name of Jesus Christ

The Lord Be Praised!



Collage of Pastor Johnny Lewis

Pastor Lewis from Unity Faith Temple Baptist Church exclaimed to me that he had told the Lord if he received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, he would bring his entire congregation to get the Holy Ghost.  "This weekend was for me and soon it will be my congregation's turn." He also explained to me that he would like to do a "Oneness" conference for all his Baptist friendsHe is so excited about what God is doing and going to do!!


Pastor Joe Anderson from Fellowship of Delivery in Christ Baptist Church attended every session and service we had.  He went out to eat with all of us and was amazed at how friendly and accepting we were of him.  He stated that the Lord had really blessed him this weekend and this probably will not be the last time that we see him...  
Pastor Dobbs from Alabama brought several of his saints with him and had two received the Holy Ghost and one received deliverance from Oppression.
I don't have all the exact numbers, but many received the Holy Ghost   -   others came to me testifing of physical and/or medical problems that had been healed by the Lord! 

Everyone remarked how the Lord had renewed them in the Holy Ghost!!  Dale Anderson from IN, stated that her group of nine attendees,  "...came home full of enthusiasm with new visions of what God will do in our lives."  Praise God!! 

Julie Garner