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Such power, hunger, and response to God and His Word was exciting to behold.  To flow with the Spirit of God among His people has to be one of the most thrilling and spiritually fulfilling experiences in life, hence; 55-60 received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost - 37 of these were children in the children's crusade.  It was marvelous!  Healing was present and great deliverances among old and young alike. 

In this hour there are so many pressures to contend with along with human spirits and spirits of darkness.  But when Jesus, the Light, shines forth and upon us, the darkness is dispelled; fleeing away...  The freedom that ensues is total Biblical Power in its fullness for the believer and visitor alike.

It is and has been my personal pleasure to be called a friend of Brother Hendricks and be a recipient of his Christianity in action, life, and preaching.   I am a better person because of this Man of God!

Lee Stoneking