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Project:  New Van



Missionaries:  Mark and Mariann Starin




Brother and Sister Starin are our missionaries in Lebanon where they are reaching the Lebanese people.  The spirit world is dark and menacing but these lovely young people are there in Jesus' Name.  Bro Starin has had miracles of healing among those to whom he has witnessed and visited.  The dead have been raised to life again and he has a reputation for 'the one who goes around doing good!'  What a reputation.

They desperately need a new van in which to transport people to their conducted services in strategic locations.  When I heard the need, I felt impressed to help.  As of this date:  August 20/01 $15,000.00 has been given to Brother Starin and transfers have been made to Lebanon.  Last night when I gave the check to them, they staggered in unbelief and began to weep.  We stood in my home and prayed together.  It was wonderful!  They will within the next week be able to purchase such a van.  

This has been made possible because of the generous and wonderful people of Brother Jack Yont's congregation in the Elgin, Illinois area.  We cannot ever thank them enough for this great gift to the Lebanese people.



UPDATE:   Jan 20, 2002  An additional $2,000.00 has been raised and given to the Starins.  This will enable them to buy a new Mercedes Benz van  which will hold 15 passengers.  They were given a wonderful break by the dealership.  The Lord has worked on many angles to bring this about.  They are thrilled!  Thanks to all those who have given so generously and unselfishly!  The Blessings of the Lord be upon you and yours!  Total Given from Apostolic Ministries:   $17,000.00




Testimony:  Mark Starin is my convert when I pastored years ago in Schenectay, New York.  In those days, I taught the teenage Sunday School Class.  On one particular Sunday morning when I walked into my classroom, teaching materials in hand, I noticed a young Lebanese boy whom I had never seen before sitting in the middle of the room among the others.

The Holy Ghost spoke to me and said:  "If you will go lay hands on him, I will give him the Holy Ghost."   I began the class and asked young people to stand and testify for the Lord.  They did so...  Mark raised his hand among the others and began to tell us of a vision he had had two nights before.  He became emotional and I simply began singing a chorus and the other young people immediately began to join in.   

I walked down that little isle between the folding chairs to a young man I had never seen before.  I moved slowly so as not to frighten him.  I simply knelt down in front of him keeping eye contact with him all the while and laid one hand on his chest and the other on his head.  He fell forward in my hands weeping and began speaking with tongues.  He had never seen anyone receive the Holy Ghost nor had he ever been in a church service like ours.  It was Miraculous!

Mark's left leg was swollen double in size and heavily bandaged resembling a cast.  He could not bend the leg nor could he stand.  Blood clots and pain filled the leg.   Two nights before as he raced from work to get his drug fix the accident occurred.  His left leg was crushed between the car and the motorcycle.  The vision he had resulted from this accident and he turned in his heart toward God - and then Jesus led him to us...  We are ever and always grateful!

Mark was either drunken or drugged up every day of his life, but once he spoke with tongues and tears streamed down his face, he stood to his feet and threw down the crutches.  The leg was instantly healed and he could bend the leg.  He walked out that Sunday morning.  He was delivered of drugs, alcohol, and hatred for others...  That Sunday night he was back in service and danced down the isle rejoicing...  Today he transmits that great faith to his own people in Lebanon.  

His lovely wife, I have known since she was a child.  She is a great asset to his ministry and her parents, Reverend  and Mrs Orville Wells, are some of the very finest of Christians pastoring in this area.  

Needless to say, I am tremendously Proud of these young people and their family...

Please pray for them.  They have been home on a short special leave from Lebanon but will return on Thursday August 23/01.  It has been my good pleasure to entertain them and have them in my home.  I am grateful!



Any additional monies that may be sent to Lebanon will be applied toward a property of their own.  They desperately need their own home and it will solidify their intentions among the people of Lebanon, helping to make them a part of that nation and the people.  Please let me thank you on their behalf.  God Richly Bless You!

Any offerings sent should be marked:  Lebanon - Starins

Again:  THANK YOU!

Lee Stoneking