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Dear Brother Stoneking,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

On behalf of the Louisiana District United Pentecostal church, my wife, Delisa, joins me in sending heartfelt thanks for your anointed ministry at the 95th Louisiana Camp Meeting.

What a heavy blanket of anointing rested upon the Tabernacle last Friday evening.  Your sermon was relevant, rich and received, but most of all, the Lord's presence permeated this place.  people were healed, lives eternally changed and many answered calls of God Friday evening.  What a blessing you were to the many people in attendance.  Thank you for listening to the voice of god and delivering your heart. 

In conclusion, thank you for speaking at the 95th Louisiana Camp Meeting.  May the Lord bless you and your ministry in this season of harvest.

In Christ,   Kevin Cox, District Superintendent


More than one message was spoken, hand written, or both alerting me that there were angels around me.  One messenger having seen an angel on the right side of me, said the was;  "AN ANGEL OF POWER AND STRENGTH"

One written message handed to me declared:  "And of the angels He saith, who maketh his angels spirits, and His Ministers A Flame of Fire.  God is sending a tremendous host of angels to this camp meeting tonight to accompany you!"

"Tonight God will use his angels to minister directly to whoever is sick in body.  Whoever is unable to be prayed for by you  -  an angle will do the job.  There are several angels around you in this place.  God Bless you!."

Vani Marshall


I most definitely felt the angels  surrounding myself and the entire camp audience.  In talking with Brother Dean from Bossier a few days after the Friday night July 3rd service, he said; "I spoke with a man who was in the audience.  He told me he had been on insulin shots at two per day but  since Friday night he said,  "I have been insulin free."   The Gift of Faith was powerfully there - those present will never be the same! Amen!  There are a number of such reports from among 8,000 people who were in attendance which cannot all be written here.

Lee Stoneking