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T. F. Tenney

District Superintendent:


Camp Meeting

Date:  July 8 - 9, 2004

Tioga, Louisiana



It was an absolute delight to preach this District Camp Meeting and fellowship with many long time friends. 

God mightily moved with miracles of healing and deliverance.  People are still speaking of the power and presence of God in the services.  Ministers were changed forever and several so stated this truth to me personally. 

To God Be All the Glory and Praise!  There is no disappointment in Jesus.  It just isn't possible and no one will ever out give Him!  It cannot be done.




I was invited to preach the last two nights of camp meeting on Thursday and Friday.   At least 8,000 people were present in the audience on Thursday night.  Friday night it was stated that 12,000 were on the camp grounds.  The place was filled with the electrifying Presence of God  -  Majestic to behold the crowd in their individual and conglomerate response to Jesus!



Letter of appreciation from Brother Tenney



Dear Brother Stoneking:

Blessings upon you in the great name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

It was the 90th Camp Meeting -  it was Homecoming  -  and it was certainly one of the very best Camp Meetings in our history!  The singing and preaching was anointed.  Your messages each night were the proverbial "nail in a sure place."  What a tremendous outpouring of His Spirit  -  and how grateful we are to have been a part of it ourselves  -  and to have you with us as on of the evening speakers!  Thank you for allowing Him to use you to minister to Louisiana  -  in one of the most memorable events of my lifetime  -  and our District's History!  We were honored to have you as our guest!

May God's grace and peace be yours!

Yours in His Name,

T. F. Tenney, District Superintendent



Myself and Brother T. W. Barnes

Brother Barnes has been a Mentor to me since I met him in 1968. 

He is the dearest of Friends to me.






More of the Burden and Love of God

James Kilgore, T F.Tenney, and Vesta Mangun