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Kentucky District Camp Meeting

Dist. Superintendent:  Ronald Hendricks

Date:  June 16 - 20, 2003



What a tremendous time we had during our recent Kentucky District Family Camp!  The presence of the Lord reigned supreme in every single service as we so enjoyed the moving of His Spirit.  Brother Stoneking did a fabulous job of ministering in the Spirit in our night services. Our slogan for the Kentucky District is “Moving Forward, Catch the Vision”. With over 4,000,000 people in the state of Kentucky, the harvest truly is plenteous. This is truly our hour for a great revival and a tremendous reaping of souls before Jesus returns. I believe that this Family Camp will be a catalyst for unprecedented revival in the Kentucky District.

Ronald M. Hendricks  (Kentucky District Superintendent)



Kentucky District Camp Meeting 2003   was a pure delight!  The worship and participation of the people was just tremendous!

A number of people received the Holy Ghost Baptism.  Many backsliders prayed back to a safe place in Jesus.  This to me is an indicator that Jesus is coming in our day...

The crowd was at least 1,000 in attendance and over Thursday and Friday nights.  People were there from many areas of the state and out of state.  Hunger is among the Ministers and saints of Kentucky.

Lee Stoneking




On Wednesday night a woman in a wheelchair was healed from MS.  She had not walked in over two years.  During the altar service,  I took note of her  not  having seen her in the service  until this point.  I felt to go to her and upon reaching her among the people, I leaned down and asked, "Can you stand?"  She replied, "I think I can."

I instructed her to stand and that I was going to walk her in Jesus' Name!   She stood with some difficulty and the wheel chair was moved away and we began walking - every step was in Jesus' Name.  It was difficult at first but she continued and I steadied and helped hold her up so she could keep her balance and not fall.

We probably took about 25 steps and suddenly she was walking much on her own...   I turned her around and began walking back to the point at which I had pulled her from the wheelchair.  About one third of the way back, she fell out in the Spirit and was mightily blessed.  I moved on to minister to others in the altar area.

I never did see her leave the building or get up.  But on Friday evening as I entered the Tabernacle for service, a note was handed to me by a member from her church.

The note simple relayed the Praise Report  from our sister that she had walked from her home to her mailbox for the first time in 2 plus years!!!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

She said she felt like she needed to dress up for the occasion because her neighbors had only  seen her in a wheelchair or scooter.  She dressed for the occasion and WALKED HER TESTIMONY! 

The miraculous is upon us and will intensify until He comes!

Lee Stoneking



On Friday evening in the service, some ladies asked me to come and pray for a deaf woman who was visiting the service.  I did so and then returned to ministering among  the crowd.  After a time, I returned to the pulpit to exhort and worship with the many who were praying.  It was wonderful! 

At that point, someone took hold of my right arm and I turned to see three women with the woman who had been deaf.  They cried out to me, "She can hear!"  At that point, the lady burst out speaking in tongues and began to dance all over the platform with others joining her.  It was glorious! 

God manifested Himself to one and all during this camp meeting. 

Lee Stoneking




Former District Superintendent writes:    

The Kentucky District just finished the 2003 Camp Meeting with Brother Stoneking preaching. It was truly an awesome five night meeting.

Brother Stoneking was mightily used of God each night. Many received the Holy Ghost, and when they get home they will be baptized in Jesus Name.

Not only did he preach signs, miracles, receiving the Holy Ghost, but that it is absolutely necessary to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ.

I will always cherish our friendship and fellowship with this great man of God.

Pastor G. L. Vittitow, Louisville, KY 



Miracle of Healing!  Kacie Hamm



Kacie Hamm

2 yrs old

I first met Kacie when she was two years old.  She was born with this facial growth... Her parents brought her to me for prayer. 

Pray was made and not until this Kentucky Camp Meeting, some four years later (2003) did I know the results of that prayer...




Kacie Hamm

6 1/2 yrs later

"...They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover."  Mark 16:18

This is the Gospel that Jesus died for and this is our heritage and this is our message and this is our day! 

Let none deny nor fail to acknowledge it! 

Kacie Hamm's miracle of healing  will become a permanent part of the Testimonial Page on this website for future reference.

Lee Stoneking