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For those of you who write, the crowning touch of your work is the cover that first greets your audience.
It is my honor to know the greatest graphic design artist that I have seen in my years of publishing and writing - Angela Carrington!

She is smiling to the right with her husband, Tim Carrington, Business Manager, in her field of Graphic Design.  A lovely couple and totally committed Christians - powerfully used by the Lord!  I am honored and thankful to have found and know them!!! 

I highly recommend this artist for your finished product.  Nothing I have seen on the market can compare to the beauty and impact of custom design, inspired by your needs and taste, projected through a true artist of creation.  You may contact artist Angela Carrington at  for information and a free quote.



Cover designs by artist, Angela Carrington


More cover designs will be added for your viewing...

Lee Stoneking