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Pastor & Mrs. Gonzales




April 17 - 19

Downers Grove, Illinois

Total Apostolic Revival within the very heart of Chicago 

Overwhelmingly REAL!!!




"We were ushered into a new dimension - walls were broken down - strong holds were pulled down!   We had 25 receive the holy Ghost and six were baptized in the Wonderful Saving Name of Jesus Christ! 

There were lots of people who were delivered from oppression and distinctive battles - emotional as well as physical healings!" 

Ric Gonzales


Schedule of Events:  Friday night I spoke at the Singles' and College Career banquet - they were sold out for the event!   The Holy Ghost fell at the end of my address and the Power of God fell with great demonstration from the people present.  The effect of His Presence upon the conglomerate was almost overwhelming as many concurred...

Saturday Morning:  was given to teaching at a Leadership Session - many were present from the area.  I addressed Biblical Holiness from the Bible with Greek language authority in full support of His laws and ways!   The Power of God totally engulfed the entire audience with some of the most powerful results!   God anoints and confirms that which He approves...   Be Advised:  God confirms that which He desires to be known to the world concerning Him and His Ways!

Saturday Evening:  Regional Rally was preached with many Area Churches in attendance.  The unity and expectancy with great faith was rewarding - Holy Ghost was freely bestowed upon so many...


Sunday 12 Noon: 

For this one service, I preached on Angels and Angelic Manifestations

An astounding miracle occurred during this session which miraculously delivered a precious soul...