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Revival Crusade

Mattoon, Illinois

Date:  March 5 - 7

Pastor:  Shine Doughty

Sr. Pastor:  Darrell Doughty



The Miraculous:    A member of the Church in Mattoon - Bret, a 38 year old strong and athletic man lifting weights, suddenly one of the main arteries in his neck that feeds the brain collapsed.  The artery became plugged.  The doctors wanted it to remain plugged because if it opened and collapsed there was no way to fix it.  The doctors were hoping that it would stay blocked...

On Sunday morning, I was preaching on Angels and Angelic Manifestations in the service;  and suddenly I stopped and we turned toward the hospital and I said, "Let's pray that God sends an Angel to Bret and heal him. (Angels are ministering spirits; sent forth to minister to them who would be heirs of salvation... Heb 1:14 )

Jesus answered:  the clotted artery completely opened up.  The doctor said, "It is a Benevolence Miracle.  This is something that medically just never happens!"

Bret is home and well - He is a walking miracle by the Power of God!                                      The Medical Prognosis was  - He should  have been in a  nursing home for life as a vegetable or dead. 


Several received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost including C. P. Thomas's daughter from India who presently attends UGS.  Margaret phoned here father in India, C P, and related the news.  He was weeping and worshipping the Lord over the phone speaking with tongues!   She is simply changed and on fire for the Lord!  It is wonderful to behold!

The Pastor's Dentist had this to say to Pastor Shine Doughty "Thanks again for the invite.  I have been doing some thinking since last  night:  The experience did not disappoint!  In fact; very impressive!  Your people are very kind and friendly.  Your kids were unbelievable and the energy is crazy in a good way.  He said it was a very 'eye opening' experience to the un-experienced! I am thrilled to have a better understanding of your values!"

The Pastor's Golf Pro had this to say:    "When you go to Apostolic Center, it is like a Tornado but when Stoneking is up there, it's a Tornado F-5"

Lee Stoneking