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Darold & Mrs. Doughty Sr. Pastors

Revival Crusade

March 6 - 8

Mattoon, Illinois

Apostolic People

of the Highest Caliber

What a Blessing they are to me personally!!!

Shine & Mrs. Doughty Pastors


The Pastors' unity and teamwork in the Lord and His moving is refreshing to the point that it awakens in one the reality of Jesus and His Kingdom in this world.  Wonderful to behold - delightful to feel - life changing to the soul...


The manifestation of God within the services upon those who attended from many quarters within the Mid West left us without words to adequately describe or explain the miraculous Presence so life changing to all of us.   The Power and Presence of the Lord melted us into a flowing which leaves me without words...  one would have had to experience it to grasp the fullness, the significance of His work among the people and the clergy present.  I can only Thank God from the deep of me for it all...

Lee Stoneking