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Because of the Times

Pastor:  Anthony Mangun

Date:  Jan 17 - 20, 2005       Alexandria, La




Forty-two year ago within three weeks after receiving the Holy Ghost Baptism, I heard Vesta Mangun preach on soul winning in St. Paul, Minnesota.  At the end of her soul wrenching, conviction gripping message on the worth and value of souls,  I heard full grown men scream with conviction from their pews.  I went sobbing to her and said,  "Sister Mangun, I want to do what you are doing."  She replied,  "I will put your name on our list in the prayer room in Alexandria, La.   And she did.  To this day, I can walk by her in any crowd anywhere and when she sees me, she will stop and point at me and exclaim,  "There goes my disciple."   And I am.

Sister Mangun so marvelously and prophetically preached this year at BOTT. When she finished she knelt to pray.  I was so moved -  I went to her and knelt down beside her half weeping saying,  "Sister Mangun, 42 years ago you prayed for me;  I feel to have you pray for me once again after all I have experienced and been through.  She began to weep and within seconds , I was weeping at the touch of the Master's Hand through the sound of her voice and the power of her burden.

Vesta Mangun awakened Christianity to the urgent cry of the Master who pleaded with one and all...  "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."   Only eternity will reveal the worth of this great woman of God and her transmission of burden for the lost to the Church in these final hours of time...  My personal Thanks to you, Dear Woman of God!  I am a better person because of you!

Lee Stoneking



At one point in the Thursday night service,  I had a great burden for Brother G. A. Mangun.  My fervent prayer was that God would replace the virtue that has gone out of him through his years ministering;  that he might be strengthened and strong in these end times. The G. A. Manguns have always been there from the day I came into the church.  I do not ever want them to be taken from us.  Their voices have been a tower of strength and  power for all of us...



There have been three times through the years that I have had an overpowering burden for Anthony Mangun.  Once many years ago at Because of the Times when he was young in the ministry,  at the Louisiana Camp Meeting in 2004, and at BOTT this year in 2005.  When he is taken over by the Power of the Spirit of God,  I am aware of fire swirling around him and I cannot help but give all the Spiritual strength I have at the moment to him.   These photos transmit at least in part that burden of transmission for and to him.



This graphic has fond memories for me in that whenever G. A. Mangun is in a service where I am preaching, just before I am introduced and on my way to the pulpit,  admonishes me and always says,  "Don't just give us some little testimony,  preach it!"   Here it is captured in this photo on left of graphic and then on the right of graphic, I begin my obedience to the man of God and "Preach it!"



A Collage of my burden and passion for the call of God upon my life as I endeavor to reach one and all at this BOTT Conference.

I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life since being raised from the dead November 12, 2003 in Sydney, Australia.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

May I take this moment of your time to express:   The only thing that really matters when you close yours eyes in death, either suddenly or slowly,  is TO KNOW WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY!  Everything else pales by comparison! 

And when we see Him on that day, our ears will be straining to hear only two words -   "Well Done!"


The power of God was some of the greatest I have felt in ministering at Because of the Times this year. 

On Thursday night, the Gifts of the Spirit and the offices of the Five-fold Ministry were bestowed upon ministers and their wives.  It was phenomenal in every aspect.

Such hunger and demonstration recall the Book of Acts in 33 A. D.  I will never be the same! People were healed, pressures lifted, and minds transformed in the Presence of Jesus Christ!

Many have said that they will never be the same.  Jesus grant it is my fervent prayer!  AMEN!!!

Lee Stoneking