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June 5, 2005



Gerald Grant


I personally received a marvelous Bible education from the notable faculty and spiritual experiences provided by the school.  I am extremely grateful! 

My deep appreciation to all who have so graciously invested in me and my education.  Thank You!


Having Graduated from ABI in 1967,

I was highly honored

to preach their Graduation service this year. 


Lovely people





I enjoyed

their classes

ever so much

 during my ABI years!


Brother and Sister Grant with their   daughter Ann.


What Does It Mean To Be A Believer?

was the title of my graduation address to the Class of 2005.  The Power of The Lord swept into the auditorium and people both on the platform and in the audience began to respond with anointing and emotional support.  It was filled with Holy Ghost manifestation throughout.  Students in cap and gown came out of their seats and were in the altar weeping and worshipping.  One student needed healing and I went into the audience where he was and prayed for him.  He was healed!  An eruption prevailed and the Holy Ghost Baptism was received by a number of people in the audience and healings took place from the back to the front of the auditorium! 

Brother Mwangi Stephen Irungu from Kenya Africa, a fourth year graduate, had never received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost though his daughter and wife were filled.  His family had been water baptized in Jesus' Name for the remission of their sins.  Brother Stephen came to the altar and began to pray during the spontaneity of the students and audience.  I saw him from the audience where I was ministering to others and immediately went to him.   Putting one hand on his back and one hand over his heart, I began to pray fervently transmitting faith to him in his reaching for Jesus.  Within less than five minutes after four years, he began to speak with tongues as the Spirit of God gave him the utterance.  Electrifying to all who were near.  When he realized that he had the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, he began to jump up and down and then fell to the floor in ecstasy continuing to speak with tongues.  WONDERFUL! 

Brother Stephen's face literally shined with the Presence of God.  Unmistakable and contagious was the joy, evidence, and Presence of the Spirit of the Lord upon his countenance when he came to say, "Thank you, Brother Stoneking for praying for me.  God sent you all the way here just for me."  I am Blessed...  it is people like Stephen the world over who make this Evangelistic ministry all worth while for me personally!  AMEN!

Someone ran for Stephen's wife and when she came and saw him so gloriously filled, she became mightily blessed and fell before the Lord - three others fell with her and they worshipped among all those there for some period of time.  It was a crowning touch to the graduation and the students!  

In their Graduation Service, the students saw in demonstration what they had studied and learned throughout their ABI School days.  I shall never forget the happiness and excitement that swept us away in celebration of this great occasion - ABI Graduation 2005.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

It is my understanding that a CD of the graduation address is being sent to all alumni students worldwide.  Thus we will continue to rejoice the world over for the Might, Truth, and Power still manifested in our day of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  AMEN!!!    

Lee Stoneking

Personal Note To Me From Gerald Grant, President of ABI:

"Many, many thanks for allowing God to use you in an Apostolic Ministry. The impact of this Graduation weekend will be felt around the world.

We so much appreciate you arranging your schedule to include ABI in your field of labor."  

Sincerely,  Brother Grant


Sunday Afternoon Commencement

The commencement service, held on Sunday afternoon, was unlike any that we have ever seen.  During this service, a year of prayer and fasting by ABI students was powerfully rewarded by a tremendous move of God.  Our commencement speaker was ABI graduate and world-renowned evangelist Reverend Lee Stoneking.  Brother Stoneking preached to us about our heritage as believers, and about the miraculous things that God can do through us if we step out on faith.  As the message drew to its conclusion, the power of God swept through the audience.  the handing out of degrees was forgotten, as our students--caps, gowns, and all--poured out of their seats to mlinister to others.  Souls were filled with the holy Ghost and bodies were healed. 

Stephen Mwangi, a graduating senior from Kenya, was gloriously filled with the holy Ghost on his graduation day! Stephen came to the states four years ago to earn a PhD.  He soon felt God directing him to study the Bible instead.

He withdrew from college and moved to Minnesota, where he considered his options at various colleges and seminaries.  All were willing to accept him, but none seemed to be right.   Someone told him about ABI.

   When he read our catalog, he said,  "This is what I need."  He met with Bro Grant, enrolled, and changed the course of his life.  He will go back to Kenya with this Apostolic message and the power of the Holy Ghost.

This was truly a memorable graduation weekend, and a fitting close to a great year at ABI!

Written by and published in ABI Magazine