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 2017 Calendar


For Your Information:

I have been quite ill with an upper respiratory infection in my bronchial tubes.  Doctors did not want me to fly and recover from its severity!

Below is my immediate schedule.  Your prayers have meant more than words can say . . .    LS




Indoor Camp Meeting

Date:  August 2 - 4, 2017

Pastor:  Ron Hendricks

Madisonville, Kentucky




Anual Summer Revival

Date:  August 18 - 20, 2017

Pastor:  Brian Kinsey

Pensacola, Florida


World Network of Prayer

Date:  24 - 26, 2017

Director:  Flo Shaw

Boston, Massachusetts


To be continued......





Early Spring 2017

Touch The Future Young Ministers Conference

Date:  May 18 - 20, 2017

Pastors:  Elder & Jason Varnum

Belleview, Florida


This Young Ministers Conference is designed to help young ministers Touch The Future in ministry.  A marvelous experience filled with the real possibilities of being mightily used by God in these closing hours of time. How appropriate in this hour.

They will be coming from across the country near and far to Touch their Future . . .    God has always met man at an altar of sacrifice . . . the sacrifices this year will be honored with fire descending upon it!  God has not changed!!!!!

Lee Stoneking




Word Conference

Date:  May 25 - 28

Pastor:  Art Wilson

Romulus, Michigan


In this hour of end times upon us Biblically, this Conference is the heart beat of so many in the world.  We need to hear directly from God and receive direction for His Will to be accomplished in the earth before His soon return.

P W C is such a conference designed to this end!  Anticipation is high and excitement mounting as the above dates draw nearer each day.  God help us to hear what the Spirit is saying at this time in our earthly journey I pray!

Lee Stoneking










Your prayers are coveted & appreciated more than words can say

It takes a great deal of physical and spiritual strength to travel in this hour.  Each city and country which I enter has a different spirit world in control. These powers have to be bound helpless with Apostolic Authority in order to powerfully reach the people and nations.  God is faithful and marvelous things have happened for which I am eternally grateful!

The fervency of the Spirit of God in the earth at this time indicates that the coming of the Lord is eminent in these closing hours of time.  That the Lord Jesus Christ will find us 'doing' when He comes in the Clouds of Glory for His own is the ultimate goal; and to hear: 'WELL DONE' from His voice - just two words -  the most coveted treasure to my eternal soul and no doubt to yours also...

Lee Stoneking